La Biosthetique
Fine Styles

For most people with fine hair, styling often poses the daunting task of how to tame fly-aways without weighing the hair down. However, BIOSTHETICS FINE has been specially formulated to not only combat this problem, but to turn fine hair into dream hair.

The special formulation of the products in the FINE line specifically designed for fine hair helps to eliminate electrostatic charges to extinguish fly-aways and dullness while providing a silky, voluminous finish.

Boasting five outstanding products, two for application to wet hair and three for finishing dry hair, the FINE range provides you with Cream Clay, Smoothing Fluid, Texture Cream, Volumising Lotion, and Volume Powder that allow you to achieve and maintain any hairstyle with pliable hold and matte shimmer.

BIOSTHETICS FINE truly is the answer to fine hair that has trouble forming and holding styles and attaining smooth volume. The range provides expert finish to both natural and achieved styles all while enhancing your fine hair’s workability, longevity, and beauty.