La Biosthetique

Believing in a one-stop destination that would meet all their clients’ needs, Davide Fattor and his partner Shelley Battistella opened La Dolcevita Day Spa and Salon in May 2001 in Kamloops, BC. The first real salon and day spa concept in the area, Dolcevita became exclusive to LA BIOSTHETIQUE, experiencing a natural fit with the company’s total beauty concept. Its four divisions—hair care, color, skin care and make-up—proved to be the perfect marriage to Dolcevita’s complete service menu. Davide Fattor explains why.


How does the LA BIOSTHETIQUE brand enhance your business philosophy?

Since we cater to both salon and spa clients, LA BIOSTHETIQUE allows us to carry the same product line throughout our departments. Being consistent builds the clients’ confidence in the product line. We are also delivering a message to clients that we’ve tried what’s out there, and we believe this is the best product we can offer them. We have so much confidence in the product and the company that we don’t need to carry another line.


Describe your clients’ feedback on the products.

The feedback is very good. At the end of the day, clients need to be educated on how to care for their hair or their skin. By focusing on one brand, we gain a deep understanding of the product, and as professionals we can then educate our clients. That builds a tremendous amount of trust between the esthetician or stylist and their client.


What type of support do you receive from the company and how has it helped you grow your business? 

They have an incredible education program. Between regular trend shows that feature national and international artists, and on- going education across the country, we always feel up-to-date on the latest techniques and innovations. In the last seven years, we have sent staff on educational trips to Europe on many occasions. From attending the Berlin Congress, visiting the artistic headquarters in Paris, and training at the Pforzheim educational facility. With every trip we return energized and proud to be working with such a great company and it rubs off on the team and our clients. Every time I go back to Europe, I’m more and more impressed with the company. They always go above and beyond, with incredible attention to detail.


You are one Key Beauty’s longest standing clients and have worked with LA BIOSTHETIQUE  for over seven years now.  Why does this partnership work so well?

I believe it works very well mainly because it’s just that; a partnership.

I’ll expand. Usually in any business transaction, there has to be constant dialogue, and in the case with Key Beauty it’s not just they have a product and we purchase it. Key Beauty always tries to have solutions for our needs. Sometimes it comes in form of discounts but often it comes as education and/or commitments to change or improve our relationship. Coming toward us with incentives to reach a common goal of educating our clients and provide an ultimate experience for them.

No request is ever turned down and in all cases solutions are brought forward.  I wouldn’t say that these are compromises, as much as it’s always done with the best interest in mind for us and our guests.  As well, the relationship between my staff and Key Beauty’s is exceptional. We always feel that Marc, Anna and Philip are part of our team, the minute they enter through our doors. The feeling is very warm to the point that even our guests sense it. We don’t feel as though we are just clients of Key Beauty, often we receive texts, emails and even phone calls to just ” see how things are going”.  That is great customer service. Of course, as an educator for LA BIOSTHETIQUE, I am in touch daily with either Marc or Philip, and that just strengthens what is already a solid partnership.


What is one of your most memorable experiences with LA BIOSTHETIQUE? 

Over the years I’ve had several memorable experiences with LA BIOSTHETIQUE. A unique one happened during an already memorable trip to Germany. It was our last day of education, which gave us the whole next day off, and a couple of the Canadian educators asked me to ask Claudia an Italian speaking receptionist at the academy in Pforzheim, if she could give us a list of boutiques and shops for a shopping experience. The request was not only met, but she also arranged for a driver and tour guide. We started the morning by visiting a 14-century monastery, where we also had a traditional lunch at an old inn and later he drove us to the best shopping in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.  It was totally unexpected and we were so impressed on how she was able to organize everything in such a short notice and without any cost to us. We were treated like royalty.

Another great experience was attending the congress in Berlin. A phenomenal trip with the icing on the cake when I was asked if I could be the translator for the Italian congregation that joined us Canadians on the tour bus. The Congress was out of this world and we always received the white glove treatment. During my 5-day stay, thanks to Philip, I managed to average 4 hours of sleep per night. Amazing!

An exceptional Key Beauty experience?  We had a falling out with a previous color company and we packed all the color and sent it back to them. Our dilemma; January 2nd would be just around the corner and with the holidays we would likely have no color in stock to start the year. I made one desperate phone call to Tom at Key Beauty, and he came to the rescue by opening the warehouse “pack 6 of everything and don’t worry about the billing for now” and put it all on a flight that very day. January 2nd came and we never missed a beat and we were never charged for freight. Fortunately, we were already knowledgeable of LA BIOSTHETIQUE Tint and Tone; therefore it was business as usual. Great service by Key Beauty and especially by my friend Tom.


La Dolcevita Day Spa and Salon – 1380 Summit Drive, Kamloops, BC
Owners: Davide Fattor and Shelley Battistella Staff: 34